REACT 2015

Experts in Rapid Co-operation and Assistance for Conflict Prevention Operations, Crisis Management, and Post-Conflict Rehabilitation


Dates of the course: The course will take place from April 29th  to May 30th in Madrid, Spain.

Schedule: From Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm. Saturdays from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Location: Escuela de Organización Industrial. Avenida Gregorio del Amo, 6 – 28040 Madrid

Conditions: Price of the course: 4.850€ (which includes the inscription fee of 350€)

Scholraship option: Yes

How to apply

Required documents:

  • REACT registration form with photo (Downloable from our website)
  • Formal letter of motivation
  • Academic transcripts
  • Resume
  • English language Certificate (if you do not have one, let us know and we will schedule a brief interview on the phone)
  • Two recent letters of recommendation, on headed paper and with the  date, stamp and signature of the entity and person that is writing the letter.  The ORIGINALS MUST be sent by post. Your referees may advance  them scanned via email. However, the originals are still required by post.
  • Health certificate
  • If interested in financial aid: copy of your most recent pay slip or income-tax-return and an official translation into English or Spanish. This is absolutely mandatory if you are interested in grants.

The selection process 

. REACT Fellows are chosen by the Selection Committee.
. Committee members bring experiences from various fields and have broad knowledge in the humanitarian field. Selections are made by the group as a whole, not by individuals.
. A maximum of 25 Fellows are chosen for each expert course. Please note that vacancies are covered upon reception of application and approval by the Selection Committee.

 Who should apply

We are looking for an eclectic, heterogeneous and motivated group with an international background. Applicants should be over 22 years old and hold a university degree. All countries are welcome to apply.

Contact information

General Information: Meritxell Bennasar, Project Coordinator

For international students: Ajda Lavtar, Project Officer

Telephone:  (+34) 91 533 54 55        Fax: (+34) 91 533 37 32


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Welcome to the REACT Course Blog


The REACT course (Rapid Expert Assistance and Co-operation for Conflict Prevention Operations, Crisis Management and Post-Conflict Rehabilitation (REACT)) is a professional, intensive and practical training aimed to prepare professionals from any field to work on Humanitarian missions, post conflict, rehabilitation, conflict prevention or any other crisis situation with International Organizations, Governements or NGO’s.

This course began on May 2003 with the support of Banco Santander Foundation and since then over 350 professionals have become REACT alumni.

The prupose of this blog is to give a word to those that wanted to make a better world and, also thanks to this training, are now able to do it.

Thank you to all of you: speakers, funders, and students, for helping us to create a REACT community during the years, and raise the quality of this wonderful project.

María Jaén.
Program Director at Helsinki España

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